Young Disciples at St. Timothy – Our Youth Pack

Our Youth Minister Dan McCallister has taken the Parish and School by storm. He began his ministry among us in August 2017. Meetings of the High School Youth Group are weekly on Sunday and Middle School students gather twice a month.

St. Timothy Youth Groups: High School (H.S.) and Middle School (M.S. – Grades 6-8)

Quick Update about what is coming up next in the youth group calendar:

January 28th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. and M.S. Theme: A Saint Who Loved Youth Ministry

February 3rd – @ St. Paul’s in Westerville, Middle School BOSCO BASH 2018.

February 4th – @Bryce Eck Activity Center, St. Andrew Parish H.S. ONLY – Theme: Super Bowl Party

February 11th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. and M.S. Theme: All About Lent

February 18th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. ONLY, Theme: For Greater Glory Movie Night

February 25th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. and M.S. Theme: CONFIRMATION Celebration

March 3rd- @St. Cecilia Parish, H.S ONLY, RISE TO JOY CONFERENCE, ($50/ Student; let me know if you would like me to send you the forms)

March 4th – @St. Timothy Library/ Main Church, H.S. and M.S. , Theme: Adoration + Praise and Worship

March 9-11th – @Damascus Catholic Mission Campus, H.S. ONLY, Spring Retreat 2018

March 11th – Youth Group NO MEETING

March 18th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. and M.S. , Theme: TBD

March 25th – @St. Timothy Library, H.S. ONLY, Theme: TBD

Wednesday Night Bible Study – @Giant Eagle Market District UA (upstairs seating), H.S. ONLY, every Wed. Night, 6-7:30PM

You may contact Dan at:

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